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This is our terrace.

We organize the best teambuilding event at our exclusive location in Antwerp.
We provide activities for your team which can not be found elsewhere.

You can combine the activities with our luxuryous meeting room
to create a day for your co-workers to remember. 
Food & drinks are of course abundantly provided at your desire.

Spend the entire day?

Sure. Relax, because we have got everything in one place:
one location with a view to kill!

The website is currently not entirely translated, so please use the dutch version
to fill in our price quote/reservation form. Demand your free offer now.


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Our games


When are we expected? In order to make everything run fluently, we ask you to be present fifteen minutes to the start of the game. This gives us the opportunity to give further information on the activity and for you to make use of our lockers.


We are a big group! Can we still come? Our escape rooms can hold up to six people per box. We have 6 escape rooms which means that a total of 36 players can play our game each starting hour. Citypolis, our other team event, is a game that can be played from 12 to 40 people. Because of this combination of team events we can easily accomodate a big groups!


Is language important? Most of our puzzles and riddles are language-neutral. When language does play an important role, the information is provided in Dutch, French and English.


How long does the activity take? The purpose of an escape room is to escape within one hour. As a consequence the game ends after one hour. In order to make everything run fluently, we ask you to be present fifteen minutes to the start of the game. After the game, you have the opportunity to come to your senses while having a drink. If you are playing Citypolis you should take in considoration that it will take you 90 minutes to play.


Are there any physical challenges? No. Since we strive to be accessible for everyone, all of our games resolve around solving puzzles and riddles.


Is a certain age required? Previous experiences with groups containing children have taught us the following: Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a majority of adults. Children between 12 and 15 years are preferably accompanied by at least one adult. As of 16 years, children should be able to play our escape rooms on their own. If you cant to play Citypolis with children please contact us first!


Dresscode? There are no specifics when it comes to clothing, we do recommend easy shoes.


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